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If I Had an Extra Ear

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Promoting positive self-esteem through The Extra Part Series—a poetic, whimsical, playful, laugh out loud children’s series about what life would be like with an extra body part.

My Story

Jill is a God-fearing, outdoor-loving, Netflix-binging, friend and family-obsessed parent of twins, Noah and Eleanor. She is married to her fabulous husband, Brent, and together they live in St. Louis, Missouri, with said goofball twins.


Jill has been writing professionally for nearly 10 years. She has a Ph.D. in religion and social change with an emphasis in media studies, and she originally started her career as a college professor. But, the game of life (and marriage) quickly took her into the world of marketing and communications and speechwriting in higher education. Currently, she serves as Director of Executive Communications at Washington University in St. Louis. People think her job sounds really cool. And guess what—it is! She has been doing—and loving—it ever since.


Jill’s writing has appeared in chapter books, edited volumes, journals, magazines and blogs. In addition, she has written hundreds of speeches for presidents, heads and administrators of educational institutions. She has received a few awards for her work, including a GOLD InspirED Brilliance award for best private school digital magazine. All of her writing relates in some way to education.

My Books

If I Had Eleven Toes

The 90s Bedtime Story

If I Had an Extra Ear

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It took me back to when I was young and my uncle would read us all Shel Silverstein. I loved it! I am a huge fan of children’s poetry, and it can be very hard finding well written and meaningful work. These poems were both.”


Kindergarten Teacher

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