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Launching My Children's Book

Friends! I am beyond excited to officially announce that I have recently written a children's book called "If I Had Eleven Toes." This has been a huge and personal passion project of mine recently, and I am thrilled to share this news with you.

What's the book about?

I'm glad you asked! "If I Had Eleven Toes" is the first book in a series called The Extra Part Series—a poetic, whimsical, playful, laugh out loud children’s series that gives you a glimpse into the imagination of a child who—for a moment—thinks about what life would be like with an extra body part. From eleven toes to an extra ear, eye or nose, The Extra Part Series plays into our most fragile human ponderings. Travel alongside the characters in this series as they consider the “what ifs.”

What if I had eleven toes? Would I jump higher than a kangaroo? Or outrun all the kids at school? Would that little piggy go to the market (or eat roast beef)? Would my socks still fit?

What if I had an extra ear? Would I be able to hear my parents from an entire bedroom away? Would I be able to tuck all my hair behind that third ear? What about all that extra ear wax?

What if I had an extra nose? Would I be able to smell more flowers, a fresh springtime rain, pine needles—or most importantly—lasagna?! Or, would I just need more tissues for when I’m sick? And what about all that extra nose hair?!

I guess having an extra body part isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So, I’m glad I am who I am. After all, I’ve been this way for years! This sentiment is perhaps best captured in the last two verses of Jill’s first book “If I Had Eleven Toes.”

I guess having an extra toe

is not the greatest way to go.

I’m glad I have just ten, you see.

I’m happy I’m exactly me.

My body is the way it is

From knees to eyes and hairs that frizz

But one more thing I’ve asked for years.

What if I had…

three big round ears?

In the end, the The Extra Part Series reminds us that we’re all created the way we were meant to be—and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Now it’s time to celebrate it!

How can you help? Here's how:

1. Word of mouth marketing: As you know, an author only gets one shot at debuting her first book, and I'd greatly appreciate your help spreading the word. Word of mouth marketing is such an important part of the success of a book series. And because the book has such an inspiring inherent message promoting positive body image and self-esteem, I feel it is so worthwhile for children and parents alike to have and read.

2. Support my Kickstarter: My Kickstarter Campaign will launch on Saturday, May 12. For those of you who don't know what a Kickstarter Campaign is, let me explain. It's a crowdfunding model where people can pledge a certain dollar amount to invest in the launching of a new product. But- it's not just you "donating" money to me. Instead, it's like an investment, or a pre-order. When you pledge, you are basically pre-ordering the book. When that Kickstarter launches, the more initial momentum we get from the beginning, it increases the likelihood that Kickstarter will promote it as one of the "Projects We Love," which means even more reach. So, please save the date for that launch and consider supporting it. 

3. Spread the word about my partnership with Lutheran Family Children's Services: I am excited that I am partnering with LFCS on this endeavor, and during my Kickstarter Campaign, folks will be able to pledge to donate a book to a child who receives services through LFCS' Hilltop Center. Once the books are printed and delivered, I will schedule a time to visit Hilltop Center and read the book out loud to the children and then hand deliver the signed copies. This is an important component of my book series, and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to share my work with others in this way. When the Kickstarter launches, LFCS will also share this partnership on their FB page, so check that out as well! 

3. Listen on May 13: I am so excited that I will appear on "Reading with Your Kids," one of the Top 10 iTunes Podcasts for Kids and Families, where I will talk about the book and promote my Kickstarter campaign. I'll send you a link once that podcast is available. So exciting! 

4. Connect me with local teachers and religious organizations: I am thrilled that I have already booked my first author visit at St. Paul's Des Peres (in St. Louis, Missouri), my alma mater, on September 10. My book will officially launch just a week or two before that, and I would like to schedule more author visits for that time. I have arranged and am already in conversations with several of you about that, but if you know of teachers who think it would be worthwhile to have me come visit, please feel free to connect me. I am excited to share this book with as many people in person as possible.  

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